A market leader in Water treatment, Ndele Energy is a solutions & technology company has over 10 years of proven experience in thermal and membrane desalination mostly with implementations in the Middle East. With manufacturing lead times between 10-12 months. Our range of production starts at 100 cubic meters /hour to 416 cubic meters per hour. With first class reverse osmosis references ranging from modular installations to large turnkey plants. Ndele Energy provides its customers with a full range of solutions tailored to their specific desalination requirements.

Salient Features

Building of 100 units of desalination plants 100 units costing R20bn(R200m per unit) Lifespan of units at a minimum of 15 years-maximum 20 years Each unit producing 10 million litres of water per day (Total of 1 billion litres per day) Average selling price of water at 3 cents per litre Creating 11 000 direct Jobs (countless indirect Jobs-agriculture-export).

Taking into account natural features (rock nature, seashore profile, water quality), Ndele Energy adapts the intake design to your specificity as per individual site. Pumped directly from sea or from wells identified along existing water tables, the quality of raw water will strongly condition subsequent treatments and equipment’s. Sites, water and utilities to be provided by Government. All engineering requirements will be provided by Ndele Energy including civil engineering drawings for site set up.