Desalination Technology

A market leader in Water treatment, Ndele Energy is a solutions & technology company has over 10 years of proven experience in thermal and membrane desalination.

D2 Fuel

D2 diesel, also called Petrol, is a fuel oil that is the second distillate derived from crude oil. D2 diesel products contain different levels of sulphur.


Ndele Energy is one of Africa’s foremost suppliers of road construction products. Include an array of bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, bitumen emulsion, etc.


Ndele Energy can supply your farms with all required fertilisers to give crops the best start to becoming healthy and giving the best returns. As agriculture and industrial production increases.

Company vision
Together let us create a legacy for our future generations. With our Ndele Energy project we will improve and maintain the following:

Human need
Water is the essential human need, Communities are still travelling distances for water from rivers or water holes. We will take this water to our people.

Give our people Hope
Job creation

Company vision

Agriculture – Local/Export
By continuous supply of water in the agricultural sector, there will be production throughout the year even during drought seasons. By continuous agri- growth this can be exported to other countries, boosting our economy. Agriculture development must primarily be targeted where it all started –rural areas.

Improvement of wealth
This water supply will impact agriculture and industrial needs revitalizing our entire economy. By exporting these commodities will increase wealth of the country.

Improvement of Health
Poor health is a major problem because of unclean water, with this project we will be providing clean drinkable water to avoid any diseases in both rural and urban areas of our country.

Investments into the country
As agriculture and industrial production increases, so will our exports. Inadvertently attracting foreign investment.

Company Goal
To create a sustainable source of water using the latest desalination technology. In order for this to eventually become a reality we must have a starting point of implementation.

This will be Phase one, fragmented into four stages.

Stage 1 of 10 units.
Stage 2 of 20 units.
Stage 3 of 30 units.
Stage 4 of 40 units.

Each unit producing 10 million liters of drinking/irrigation/industrial water to be prioritized as required with total production of Phase 1 yielding 1 billion liters Nationally per day.

Phase 2 running concurrently with phase 1 will be permanent plants each producing 1 billion liters of water as per the above prioritization. Per capita South Africa’s requirement is 235 liters, multiplied by our population of 55.91 million which equates to a daily need of 13 billion litres of water.

Job creation/per unit
Contract staff/per year = 98 personal per build (9800 for phase one)
Permanent staff/unit = 7 personal per build (700 for phase one)
South African permanent EPC = 100 personal
South African manufacture plant = 300 personal

Water Intake Designs to Local Environment
Taking into account natural features (rock nature, seashore profile, water quality), Ndele Energy adapts the intake design to your specificity as per individual site. Pumped directly from sea or from wells identified along existing water tables, the quality of raw water will strongly condition subsequent treatments and equipment’s. Sites, water and utilities to be provided by Government. All engineering requirements will be provided by Ndele Energy including civil engineering drawings for site set up.

Optimizing Energy Recovery
Reverse osmosis process operates under pressure and the energy requirement represents one third of the global desalination cost. Ndele Energy couples its desalination facilities with Energy Recovery Devices (ERD), which allow reduced operating expenses and improved desalination process efficiency. The pressure exchanger systems recover 90% of the energy, reducing energy demand by approximately 37-48% and thereby reducing operating costs.

Ndele Energy is one of Africa’s foremost suppliers of road construction products and technology. Ndele Energy products include an extensive array of bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, bitumen emulsion and related products. This range of products is backed by ongoing research and development. These complimentary activities are aimed at assisting road authorities and consulting engineers in building roads of the highest quality.

We recognize that a road network is a nation’s most strategic asset. Our highly qualified staff, applying experience gained over more than 70 years in the industry, back Ndele Energy’s mission to provide its customers with products manufactured to the highest standards enabling them to build roads for the future.

The ability to meet customer’s needs in a demanding environment requires detailed knowledge, extensive experience and the assistance of state-of-the-art technology. Ndele Energy meets these requirements. We have access to qualified chemists and lab technicians, the access to these assets results in ground-breaking research and development and stringent quality procedure on all Ndele Energy products.

The scientific laboratory facilities use the most modern technology, both in terms of scientific techniques and equipment. Assignments from throughout the continent are conducted in these facilities.

Ndele Energy was established in 2000. Main activity was exporting and importing bitumen to South East Asian countries and the first market for our group was Bangladesh. We have several CFS (container freight stations) and warehouses in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Having  over 50 employees (official and contractual) in the Middle East region with the capacity of 20,000 MTs bitumen supply on monthly basis.

We have been  providing bitumen to both  East and West African  markets and have so far joined main road and bridge construction projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Congo DR, Congo, Guinea Equatorial, Angola, Cameron and South African territories.

We have been constantly attending Global seminars and conferences in connection to our business, such as Argus Media, Conference connection and ICSI conferences.

Our company has a quarterly plan of visiting around the global market to see our valued clients face to face and we are always open to suggestion for possible mutual contracts such as agency contract and distribution contract, wholesaling contract and etc… Provided that we find our partner capable enough for such cooperation.

We look forward to providing our professional  services to you.